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Katsucon 2014 – Aniplex of America Industry Panel

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With a wide plethora of genres, they listed their streaming lineup. Available every thursday on Crunchyroll is Silver Spoon second season created Arakawa Hiromu-sensei and directed by Ito Tomohiko of Sword Art Online fame. The trailer for Magi second season was next, series inspired by ’1001 Arabian Nights’. The series is on Crunchyroll, Hulu, Aniplex Channel and Daisuki. Another thursday series for Crunchyroll, Samurai Flamenco is for those who don’t really want to grow up. For action lovers, there is Kill la Kill every thursday on Crunchyroll, Hulu, Aniplex Channel and Daisuki. By the staffers of Gurren Lagann, it is sure to promise action upon awesomeness. Sword Art Online extra edition is currently available in full bathing suited glory on Crunchyroll and Hulu. With silly villans (or ‘sillans’ as coined by Moteki) that want to control the world, World Conquest Zvezda Plot is one of the most unique anime of the winter season. Directed by Okamura Tensai (Blue Exorcist) with character designs of Kuroboshi Kohaku. It will be shown on Crunchyroll, Hulu and Daisuki. From Studio Shaft, the trailer of Nisekoi was shown next, streaming every saturday on the usual sites.

Physical releases that are available now! The first season of Magi trailer was shown. Volume 1 of the complete dvd set is available with volume 2 out on 3/18/14. Volume 1 dvd set features 12 episodes on 3 dvds with English and Japanese audio, English subtitles, textless OP and ED, o-sleeve with key art from character designer Akai Toshifumi, 5 collectable foil stamped postcards, reversible cover, deluxe booklet and english version trailer. Volume 2 dvd set will include episodes 13-24 with the same features as the first volume. The streaming dub is currently on Neon Alley. The dub will also be shown right after the Aniplex panel at video 1 with prizes.

The complete 1st season of Blast of Tempest is available on dvd with 2nd season on 2/25. The first set includes episodes 1-12 on 3 dvds, original Japanese audio with English subs, textless OP and ED, 16 page deluxe booklet, reversible mini poster, o-sleeve with key visual art and reversible cover. The 2nd season includes the same features with episode 13-24.

Sword Art Online fans rejoice! There will be a limited edition bluray boxset with a regular dvd edition release. The first bluray will include the English and Japanese audio with English and Spanish subtitles, audio commentary by creators and Japanese cast, “Sword Art OFFline” special animation in Japanese with English subs, original web previews trailer, 1st season textless OP, 1 OST CD, 16 page deluxe booklet, illustration pinups, rigid box illustrated by abec (original character design from the light novel series) with clear BD cases with 2-sided Japanese cover design. The set also includes exclusive Weiss Schwarz collector’s card.

Many cheers erupted from the Fate/Zero trailer. In similar design to the Sword Art Online sets, there is a special bluray boxset including the 1 CD OST, a bonus dvd with exclusive staff interviews (director, ufotable and Aniplex producers), a deluxe booklet with rigid box with original character design, textless OPs and EDs of the first season, a Weiss Schwarz collector’s card and more. The second bluray boxset includes the 2nd CD OST, bonus dvd with exclusive English cast interview, deluxe booklet, rigid box with original design, textless OP and ED of the 2nd season amongst other features.

Blue Exorcist: The Movie limited edition bluray boxset and dvd is available now. The LE bluray set includes the BD movie and bonus dvd with exclusive creative staff interviews, English and Japanese with English subs, 2 audio commentary tracks, promo trailers and CM’s, 2-sided BD wraps, deluxe booklet, exclusive illustration postcards and rigid box illustrated by Kato Kazue.

For the guys into moe, the complete series dvd for Vivired Operation is now available. The set includes episodes 1-12 on 3 dvds, uncut (for all the hentai fans XD), Japanese audio with English subs, textless OPs and EDs, o-sleeve with key visual art, 2-sided reversible cover, 5 postcard set with special web previews.

There is also Oreshura complete dvd set with episodes 1-13 on 3 dvds, Japanese audio with English subs, textless OP and ED, deluxe booklet, o-sleeve with key visual art, 2-sided reversible cover with special web previews. (I love Moteki’s attempt to make a ‘clean’ promo for both series, despite the panty shots all over the pics. XD)

Special announcement time! The room erupted as Madoka Magica: The Rebellion trailer was shown. The Collector’s and standard blurays (Import) is available for preorder. The features in both editions include Japanese and English subtitles of the movie, theatrical trailer, CM’s, textless OP, audio commentary (not subtitled), rigid box and digipack featuring new artwork, exclusive BD “Understand the Hit Anime series ‘Madoka Magica’ in 2 hours!”, exclusive OST, deluxe booklet with English translation. If pre-order on the site or rightstuf, it will include 3 clear files featuring the theatrical poster images.

Also by Studio Shaft, the limited edition bluray set of Nekomonogatari Black will be released on 4/22/14. The set includes episodes 1-4 on 2 discs, the video will be 16:9 widescreen with Japanese audio with English subtitles, “Bakemonogatari” Digest video, Monogatari Series 2nd season trailer, textless OP and ED, deluxe booklet, pin-up postcard set with art illustrated by Watanabe Akio.

With Black, we need Nekomonogatari White! Coming out 6/24 will be the limited edition bluray set with episdoes 1-5 on 2 discs, widescreen with Japanese audio and English subs, “Omnibus 1″ Video, textless OP and ED, on air version textless ED, PV & CM collections, deluxe booklet, pin-up postcard sets with more art by Watanabe Akio.

Toonami regulars rejoice! Blue Exorcist will be starting on Toonami on 2/22.

The biggest announcement of the day has to be…Sword Art Online II! The teaser PV was such a tease!

The floor opened for Q&A.

    Q: Is there a specific date Sword Art Online II?
    A: No news on it.

    Q: Are there commentaries included on Nekomonogatari releases?
    A: Not that I know of, but keep an eye on the site.

    Q: The soundtrack cds available in those limited edition, will they be released separately?
    A: They will only be available through the LE bluray sets.

Due to the raffle, Q&A was cut short. The prizes include a Vivired Operations trading card playing mat and cards, Madoka Magica Nendroid Puchi, special Sword Art Online playing mat and card sleeves and Monogatari art.

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