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NYCC 2012 – Blue Exorcist Screening and Q&A

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The dub of the third episode of Blue Exorcist was shown when I entered the room. I settled myself in the back. I really enjoyed the English version. Bryce Papenbrook was wonderful as Okumura Rin and Johnny Yong Bosch as Yukio was perfect. The script had some profanity in it that I’m not sure I remember from the Japanese, but it was not jarring. Definitely loving what I hear of the dub thus far.

After the screening, Bryce came onstage to answer the Q&As with Rivera of Aniplex.

    Q: Was it hard for you voice the character?
    A: Voicing Rin has alot of challenges. He is all over the place. He shows every emotion possible. When he gets angry, he gets really angry. Capturing that sort of anger is difficult, but it’s a fun challenge.

    Q: Excluding your bias for Rin, who is your favorite character?
    A: I really like *unintelligible*.

    Q: Have you read the manga?
    A: No, but I really want to.

    Q: What is it like to do this voice? Do you feel more of his character?
    A: Do I have more Rin in me? Maybe it brought more of those kind of emotions out of me. They were always there.

    Q: What went through your mind while voicing these lines?
    A: Tons of stuff. Its not thoughts, but it’s all sorts of things.

    The next question was a pic request from a fan. She confessed “I have never known you as a voice actor. Not only do you have a cute voice, you’re cute too!” *audience laughs*

    Q: I have difficulty differentiating between the voices. Did you voice anyone else in the series? You and Mephisto sound kind of familiar.
    A: That’s very funny. I did not play any other characters in the show. I’ve been told before that I sound like Darrell. We were in Durarara!! together and he is Amaimon. I’ve been told that I sound like Sam and he is Mephisto, but no, we’re different. If you talk to them, you’ll notice that we have difference voices. It’s funny that we sound like.

    Q: How did you get into voice acting?
    A: My dad is a voice actor. I used to go in and watch him work. He used to do alot of Power Rangers. I used to go to the studio and there were all these rubber suits there, all those monsters. I used to just love to go in and watch him work. One day, they needed a kid voice and I was 8 years old. My dad just said “Oh, he is a voice actor! Go in there!” I jumped in and it was awesome and it was fun.
    Fan: Do you have to know someone to get in?
    A: Well, it definitely helps to know someone. I think you got to really love it, have fun and be passionate about it.

    Q: What are the difficulties between translating between languages, especially the expressions and intonations? How do you deal with that as a voice actor?
    A: It is difficult since sometimes what the Japanese voice actors does, does not always make sense in the show in English. I have a team in the studio. There is someone who translates while we’re working. She makes sure that everything is close enough to the Japanese and makes sense in English as well.

    Q: What is your favorite line as Masaomi [Durarara!!]
    A: My favorite line? You know it’s the boobie. “Live by the boobie, die by the boobie.”

    Q: If you couldn’t be a voice actor, what would you have been doing? What would have aspired to do?
    A: I am a 4th degree black belt in martial arts in Tang Soo Do. I’m also a kick boxer and a boxer. I really seriously thought about that as a profession. I still teach kickboxing and boxing and train professional fighters. I will probably be doing that.

    Q: Did you see the anime before working on it or were you watching it for the first time when you started?
    A: Actually, I watched the Japanese version before I started recording for it. It’s an awesome show. This is the first time I’ve seen my work and the work of the other English actors. I thought they did a great job. *audience applauds*

A fan asked Papenbrook to sign his death note to which the crowd groaned.

    Q: Was there any lines that was difficult to get through because you were cracking up?
    A: Yes, I really hope they release the outtakes, because there were some really ridiculous outtakes. You will just have to wait and see.

They raffled off some the Blue Exorcist theater posters. I love the ones of Rin and Yukio, especially the clear poster. ^_^ The two main prizes of the evening was the Blue Exorcist handtowel with the chibi versions of the characters on it…and the Rin figure that you can only win from the UFO machines.

    Papenbrook: Definitely check the show out at Neon Alley and check the rest of the episodes. This is an amazing anime, you don’t want to miss it. It’s very cool!

For the Aniplex facebook site, Rivera took a clip of the crowd screaming Blue Exorcist!!! ^.^

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