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NYCC 2012 – Aniplex of America

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A Blue Exorcist cosplayer helped hand out raffle tickets for posters from Japan. A familiar face to Aniplex Marketing, E.J. Rivera opened the panel with reminders of the screenings held at NYCC, first being the Madoka Magica episodes, Durarara!!, Fate/Zero with the promise of prizes given out at each of the screenings. Then he introduced their new webseries, an inside look of a Japanime fan’s experience in Japan beginning with a vidclip of the first Anime Contents Expo, (various companys’ response to Governor Ishihara’s annual Tokyo Anime Fair.) With info like the Madoka cafe to shopping in Akiba, it may prove to be quite interesting and informative. Webseries can be found at

Various trailers were played to introduce series that is currently available, starting with Blue Exorcist. The entire series is currently available in 4 volumes as a subtitle only release. Each volume has 6-7 episodes, the Ura-Ex shorts, double sided poster, O-sleeve cover and reversible dvd covers. For dubfans, the English trailer was shown with a short casttalk vid with Byrce Papenbrook and Johnny Yong Bosch, the VAs of ‘the twins’, Rin and Yukio. The series starting in September is one the newest addtions to Neon Alley, an all dubchannel for the PS3. The rest of the VAs include:

    Christine Marie Cabanos as Shiemi
    Kyle Hebert as Bon
    Sam Regal as Mephisto
    Darrel Guilbeau as Amaimon
    Wendee Lee as Shura
    Brian Beacock as Shima
    Patrick Seitz as Igor Neuhaus
    Kira Buckland as Izumo

Bryce Papenbrook came on stage and was asked to do a line from Blue Exorcist. “I don’t give a damn. I’m not a demon nor a human anymore. My only choice now is to move on. I’m going to become an exorcist!” The crowd cheered at the ferocity of his delivery. At the heels of this plug, the crowd cheered for his voice as Kida Masaomi from Durarara!!. “She totally wants me. The chick with the glasses has a crush on me. But she’s afraid of all the danger and risk a guy like me brings to the table.” “Live by the boobie, die by the boobie.” *audience laughs* Papenbrook’s autograph signing was plugged for this afternoon (not that the fans need anymore reminders.) Tonight’s screening of Blue Exorcist will feature episodes 3 and 5 followed by a Q&A with Papenbrook along with more prizes from Japan, including posters and a handtowel from Japan. “Whatever you do with this, is your own business.” *audience laughs*

Papenbrook vacated the stage as Rivera continues with trailers of series available now on dvd. The ‘magical girl’ series Madoka Magica dub trailer was shown. The entire series is currently available in three different versions: dvd, BD and limited edition sets. The LE set includes both the BD and dvd, the OST, an exclusive 24 page booklet, two double sided posters, postcards all in a collector’s box. The latest edition is volume three pictured below with a shiny cover. The booklet includes interviews with the creators.

To the laughter of the crowd, the next series was introduced to “have a lot of fate…and alot of zeroes.” The subtitled Fate/Zero trailer was shown. The first season BD boxset is currently available. The set includes 5 BDs, 2 bonus cds, exclusive artwork by character designer, Takeuchi Takashi-sensei, deluxe digipack, translation booklet and a character design booklet. A super short clip of season 2 trailer was shown with info that the BD boxset is also available. The entire series available on Crunchyroll and Hulu. Also available in the US is the Japanese single of the opening song, ‘Oath Sign’ by LiSA. Other albums from the singer include ‘Lover “S”mile’ cd and BD combo edition, regular ‘Lover “S”mile’ cd and ‘Letters to U’ mini album and newest, ‘Crossing Field’, the opening for Sword Art Online.

Back by popular demand, Oreimo aka. My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute was re-released with a complete dvd set. The trailer was shown to the laughter of the crowd. Oreimo tells of a typical, normal highschooler, Kyousuke finds out that his super smart and popular little sister, Kirino is an eroge otaku, a fan of adult computer games. Not only is he has to deal with this relevation, his sister wants to introduce him into this world…. The dvd set includes 16 episodes (12 tv with 4 ovas,) double sided dvd cover, O-sleeve packaging, a double sided poster with textless OP and ED.

For fans of Durarara!!, there is the jazzy series which started it all, Baccano!. The BD set includes the Japanese and English audio, 13 tv episodes, 3 specials and package art by Enami Katsumi, the illustrator for the novel. Rivera followed it up with the Durarara!! trailer. The BD set will be available on 10/30/2012 as a LE BD lunchbox. The series include 5 BD of 24 episodes, 2 OVAs, double sided poster and a booklet.

Back by popular demand, Kara no Kyoukai aka. Garden of Sinners will be released as a LE dvd set on 11/20/2012. The set includes 8 movies on 8 dvds, digipacks in a deluxe box, a 36 page booklet including an image gallery, key visuals, theatrical posters, 14 postcards illustrated by both Takeuchi Takashi-sensei and Tomonori Sudo-sensei.

Released on 11/20/2012 is Bakemonogatari as a ‘vibrant’ LE BD set. It includes 6 BDs for 15 episodes, dual subtitle streams (one including on-screen text), character audio commentary and a 36 page booklet which includes character designs. Series streaming now on Crunchyroll and Hulu.

Special announcements time! Aniplex will be bringing two movies to the US (already by the time this is posted,) with the first two movies of Madoka Magica, ‘Part 1: Beginnings’ and ‘Part 2: Eternal’. The movies will be shown in NY in 10/20-10/22. A special trailer for the movie was shown with the special theme song, ‘Luminous’ by ClariS.

New licenses! The Sword Art Online trailer was shown with cheers from the audience. New for this fall anime season, another series with a Shakespearean twist, Zetsuen no Tempest aka. Blast of Tempest trailer was shown next. Both series are currently streaming on Crunchyroll and Hulu with new episodes every saturday. To the laughter of the crowd, Rivera revealed a long synopsis of the series on the powerpoint. Not bothering to read it, he announced that the summary can be found at the Aniplex news site for the series. Truly the series is convoluted, distressing and amusing at the same time. Very much like the Shakespearean tragedies this series draws it’s inspiration from. An anime take on ‘Arabian Nights’, Magi will be on Crunchyroll and Hulu every wednesday. It is good to see AniplexUSA license new series so quickly…even at the start of the season.

A short Q&A:

    Q: Since you’re re-releasing the Garden of Sinners on dvd, will there be another BD release? Will you include the new movie?
    A: We’re concentrating more the dvd release currently. Once the dvd is sold out, we’ll take that [BD] into consideration. We’re not sure about the new movie.

    Q: Will the audio commentary in Bakemonogatari be subtitled? What about Nisemonogatari [will be it released as well?]
    A: Yes, the audio commentary will be subtitled. Right now, Nisemono is only available streaming.

    Q: Concerning Garden of Sinners, was there a reason why you couldn’t include the OSTs? European companies were able to get the soundtracks.
    A: It was part of the negotiations. There were some things that we can and can’t do.

    Q: For the Durarara!! BD and dvd boxset, will there be a sole dvd set release as well?
    A: The lunchbox set is only a BD set. The only dvd release we have right now is the series on 3 dvds. [There is no boxset for the dvd.]

    Q: Are you making any plans to release Idolmaster?
    A: It was produced by Aniplex Japan, but it is also part of Bandai. Right now, there are no news on that.

    Q: For Sword Art Online, are there any dates for the releases?
    A: We just got the license so definitely check out the website for the latest info.

    Q: For Fate/Zero, there are a bunch of specials on there that wasn’t subtitled. Is there somewhere we can get the subtitles streaming?
    A: Fate/Zero is an import from Japan. Whatever we get is what they put into it. Sorry about that.

    Q: Concerning Garden of Sinners, will there be a picture ova, will that be on the dvd?
    A: Yes, the eighth episode is included.

    Q: Did you license ‘Mikunopolis’?
    A: We did license ‘Mikunopolis’ in Los Angeles [convention]. It is coming soon so check the website. We’ll post up the information as we get it.

    Q: Will the Durarara!! lunchbox keep my lunch warm? *audience laughs*
    A: Or cold. It is pretty much your typical tin lunchbox.

    Q: Will be there a dvd release for Fate/Zero?
    A: Once the BD releases sell out, we’ll consider a dvd release.

    Q: For Aniplex titles that are released in Japan, what is the best way for us to let you know which titles we would like to see released by Aniplex USA?
    A: Post on our Facebook or contact us by e-mail. If you buy our products, there is a feedback card. We read those feedbacks.

Rivera started the raffle with posters from Japan: three from Fate/Zero, a Sword Art Online poster, an autographed poster from LiSA and two Madoka Magica movie posters with one of them from the theater (which can be lit from behind.)

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