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Home Con Goer Con Goer – AnimeNEXT 2012 – What the Hell Woke Me Up?!?

Con Goer – AnimeNEXT 2012 – What the Hell Woke Me Up?!?

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On the first installment of ‘What the Hell Woke Me Up?!?,’ we will talk to attendees of what they think what caused the fire alarm to go off at AnimeNEXT 2012.




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3 Responses

  1. Lindsay S

    “Its a matter of things that shouldnt be illegal, are illegal.” LOL I LOVE IT

  2. Kashii-kun

    I hate to be pushy, but, when are you guys uploading the rest of AnimeNEXT?

  3. Lisa

    Lol yeah this is really late but I just had this on my mind randomly and just googled it. I think it was an actual fire, I had friends on the 4th floor and they said there was smoke. The people I was staying with we were on the 5th floor and we BOLTED out of the room. I did have to take the one girl up. Whatever it was it was convenient that the fire trucks were already there. The 3rd time it went off we were like if it goes off again we’re burning. lol XD

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