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Makoto Shinkai to Premiere Children who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below at Otakon 2011

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Baltimore, MD (July 20, 2011) – Otakon is proud to present the premiere of Makoto Shinkai’s latest work, Children who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below.

It’s been 10 years since Makoto Shinkai’s brilliant debut with his individually created work Voices of a Distant Star, and with the releases of The Place Promised in Our Early Days and 5 Centimeters per Second he’s widened his fanbase and gained a stellar reputation both inside and outside of Japan. And now, finally, director Makoto Shinkai’s highly anticipated newest work, Children who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below has been completed.

With his overwhelmingly beautiful imagery, Shinkai paints pictures of the distances between people’s hearts, and in this work he challenges a tale of girls and boys on a journey, growing up. In a world yet unseen, the “Children” encounter secrets of the world on their journey, all the while holding different feelings inside of their hearts. This impactful work expresses the distance between different worlds and between people and the world, not just between people. With the same detailed, hard-hitting dialog and portrayals of characters you’ve come to expect from Shinkai, this film is also filled with heart-pumping adventure and a triumphant, grand majesty.

And of course, as in all of Shinkai’s works, with shifting light and sparkling greenery, the beautiful landscapes and unparalleled artistry are the highest qualities. This time, working with an energetic staff, he’s created a world like none you have ever seen.  Also Tenmon, who has provided the music for Shinkai’s works ever since his debut, has created a gem of a theme song with singer Anri Kumaki. The talented voice cast includes Hisako Kanemoto (Sound of the Sky, Squid Girl), Miyu Irino (Spirited Away, Mobile Suit Gundam 00), and veteran Kazuhiko Inoue (Cyborg 009, Naruto, The Place Promised in Our Early Days).

This tale will stimulate the adventurous hearts of adult and child alike, leaving you with the feeling of sweet melancholy at journey’s end. A stage more vast than the first-person perspective works so far, this is a modern, traditional animated work, with an overflowing grand scale worthy of a theatrical feature!  Makoto Shinkai presents to you this original animated film.

This premiere will be followed by a Q&A session with Makoto Shinkai.  As it has just been released, it will only be shown in Japanese with no subtitles.

Otakon 2011 will be held July 29 – 31 at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Maryland.

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