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NYCC 2013 – Aniplex Q&A

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Marketing Specialist EJ Rivera first grabbed a pic of the room with a panorama shot. Than the Aniplex trailer which highlighted the many series in their catalogue was shown.

Their current streaming lineup with Daisuki was noted beginning with the second season of Monogatari with new episodes every saturday followed by the second season of Valvrave the Liberator and and the second season of Magi with new episodes every sunday.

Directed by Omori Takahiro of Durarara!! fame, scripted by Kurata Hideyuki-sensei of Read or Die, from studio Manglobe of Samurai Champloo, the hyped Samurai Flamenco trailer was shown with fast paced action and music. The series is shown on Crunchyroll with new episodes every thursday.

From the same creative team as Gurren Lagann, director Imaishi Hiroyuki, script writer Nakashima Kazuki and animation director Sushio, the trailer for Kill la Kill was shown with the cheers of the audience. The series will be shown every thursday on Aniplex Channel, Hulu, Crunchyroll and Daisuki.

Physical releases! The audience cheered when Rivera mentioned ‘magical girls’ and the Madoka Magica movie trailer was shown. Movies part 1 and 2 are available on BD Collectors Edition and Standard. The Collectors Edition includes 2 BD of Part 1: Beginnings and Part 2: Eternal in 6 different language subtitles, exclusive new cover art, the bonus OST, Aniplex exclusive translation booklet and special postcards as well as the deluxe booklet.

The next series was introduced by Rivera pointing at the…ceiling. Audience cheered as the trailer for Gurren Lagann was shown. The dvd and import BD is available. The limited edition dvd box set includes all 27 episodes (including the unaired ep.6) on 6 dvds, 2 OSTs, 2 sided poster, 2 stickers of ‘Kamina’s famous remarks’, a 12 postcard set and a 36 page deluxe booklet featuring character designs. The imported BD set include all 27 episodes (including the unaired ep.6) on 15 discs, both Gurren Lagann movies, the Parallel works, hard cover book of production materials and concept art, bonus features and the US Exclusive translation booklet. “If the dvd set is awesome, the BD set is a cinderblock of awesome.”

There are two limited BD sets for Blue Exorcist and a dvd collection. The BD set 12-13 episodes each set, the bonus Ura-Eku shorts, bonus dvd of the English voice cast, OST and 36 page illustration booklet.

Perfect for Halloween, the trailer for Gyo! Tokyo Fish Attack was shown. The art is by Ito Junji-sensei and the studio also released Fate/Zero and Garden of Sinners. Currently available on dvd is the first season of Blast of Tempest, with the second season coming soon. The dvd includes 1-12 on 3 dvds, textless OP and ED, 16 page booklet, reversible mini poster, O-Sleeve with key visual art and 2-sided cover.

For Sword Art Online, there is both a limited edition BD release and a regular dvd release. The vol. 1 BD set includes Japanese and English audio, English and subtitle, audio commentary by creators (creator, producer and director) and Japanese cast, omake ‘Sword Art OFFline’ subtitle only, textless 1st season OP, OST, 16 page booklet, illustration pin-ups, clear BD case with 2-side Japanese cover designs.

Vol 1 and 2 vailable now with vol. 3 at the Daisuki booth. Vol. 3 will be released Oct. 15 with vol. 4 on Nov. 19. A short clip of ‘Sword Art OFFline’ is shown with Chibi-Asuna giving background info of the episode.

Lastly, Rivera added that each BD release will include an exclusive Weiss Schwartz collectors card.

SAO is being broadcast on Toonami every saturday at 2am. The Oct. 20, there will be a Watch and Win contest with the grand prize of a Sony 3-D Personal Viewer: a head mount which you can thankfully remove.

Coming soon, the SAO opening singer Lisa will be releasing her new full album, ‘Landspace’ for digital download. To promote the album, a special video message from the singer herself was shown. ‘Landspace’ will include the song, “Crossing Field”.

The English trailer for Fate/Zero was shown. The limited edition BD set 1 will include the OST, the bonus dvd with staff interview (director, ufotable and aniplex producer,) deluxe booklet, textless 1st season OPs and EDs. Vol. 2 will include the OST, the exclusive dvd with the staff interview along with the English voice cast, deluxe booklet and textless 2nd season OP and ED. There will also be the Weiss Schwartz card included in each BD release. Vol. 1 will be released on Nov. 5 and vol. 2 on Dec. 31.

The BD and the dvd of the Blue Exorcist movie will be released on Dec. 17. The limited edition BD set will include the bonus dvd with exclusive creator and staff interviews, 2 audio commentary tracks, promotion trailers and CMs, 2-sided BD wraps, deluxe booklet and exclusive illustration postcards.

By director Takamura Kazuhiro (Strike Witches,) Vivired Operation will also be released on Dec. 17 as a dvd boxset which includes ep. 1-12 uncensored on 3 dvds, japanese audio, English subtitle, textless OP and ED, O-Sleeve with key visual art, 2-sided reversible cover and special web previews.

Harem comedy Oreshura will be released on Dec. 17 as a dvd boxset which includes ep. 1-13 on 3 dvds, japanese audio, English subtitle, textless OP and ED, O-Sleeve with key visual art, 2-sided reversible cover, 5 postcard set and special web previews.

Special announcement time! The Magi trailer is shown to promote the dvd release of the series. Vol. 1 will be released Jan. 14, 2014 which will include ep. 1-12 uncensored on 3 dvds, Japanese and English audio, English subtitle, textless OP and ED, O-Sleeve with key art, 2-sided reversible cover, deluxe booklet and English trailer. (Why uncensored though? Boobies?!? XD) Vol. 2 will be released on March 18, 2014. The English broadcast will begin on Neon Alley, but ep. 1 and 2 will be shown today at 8pm in panel room 1A23. Rivera hints that one of the English voices will make a special appearance. (My guess is Christina Vee, the voice for Morgiana since I saw her signing at the Funimation booth earlier.)

Rivera than show Madoka Magica: Rebellion trailer, the third movie which will shown in theaters in the US and Canada, starting with NY, Buffalo and Yonkers on Dec. 7. Tickets will be sold beginning on Oct. 15. The special premiere will be on Dec. 3 in California.

    Q: Oreimo season 2 dvd set?
    A: No news on season 2, only season 1 is available.

    Q: Will the Madoka Magica movie be shown dubbed or subbed?
    A: Right now, the movie will be shown subtitled.

    Q: You’re currently selling as a Japanese model. Any reason for that?
    A: It is not really the ‘Japanese model’ as it is ‘our model’. We’re trying to bring you guys the highest quality products.

    Q: Any news on Sword Art Online season 2?
    A: No new news. The only news we have is Toonami and the contest.

    Q: You are currently streaming Valvrave. Are there any news of it being brought over here [as a physical release]?
    A: Just streaming season 1 and 2 right now.

At the end of the Q&A was the raffle drawing, Japanese merchandise and itmems including the Madoka movie poster.

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