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So you want to know what makes Vidgle? Well its not the website, its our equipment that makes Vidgle possible! With our equipment, we need to make sure we produce high quality programming and don’t leave viewers disappointed.

Below is a list with some of our equipment and our setup.


Computer: Mac Pro (2.66 Intel Dual Core Processor with 16GB of RAM) for in-house editing, a PowerBook G4 and MacBook Pro (2.53GHz Intel-dual processor with 4GB of RAM) for ENG projects

Cameras: 1 Sony HVR A1U, 1 Sony DCR-TRV530, Canon HF200, 1 Sony HVR Z1U

Software: Final Cut Pro Version 6.x, Motion (graphics), Visual Hub, QuickTime X, iTunes (Authoring)

Graphic Engineering: In-House, Digital Juice

ENG Projects

Microphones: Shure PG58 (reporter mic), Condensor Mic (B-Roll and events)

Lighting: 2 Adorama Flashpoint 36 LED

In-House Production

Microphones: N/A

Lighting: Two 6400K lighting kits

Teleprompter: Presentation Prompter